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Monday, June 13, 2005

\\*I have a problem*//

This summer, we had our affiliation in Manila. We stayed in this small dormitory in Recto for about 1 and half month. The problem is my classmates were dissatisfied with our boarding and lodging. Furthermore, we/they found out that our Dean made us pay more than we had to for the whole affiliation thing. And so... they/we decided that we will be filing a complaint to our school President when we get back here in our place. (making any sense?)

Our class president circulated a paper which says that we were dissatisfied with the boarding and lodging (something like that) and that we experienced discomfort during our stay... and that we were filing a complaint against the dean for collecting excessive fees from us. We had to sign our names with signature at the bottom.

well... our Clinical instructor said that our dean admitted(sort of) that the owner of the dormitory gave her some money (like a kick back or a commission) for choosing their dormitory. (understandable?)

Furthermore, we also paid for 1 and a half week stay in the dormitory. BUT we only stayed at the dormitory for 1 month and 1 week which means we still had 1 week left. But we didn't consume the last week so we were supposed to be reimbursed. However, we never got anything... which made us wonder where our money went.

AND we also paid for a tour which wasn't really very costly. (Imagine 50 students paying 5oo bucks each for a tour) The tour turned out to be very very inexpensive since the places we visited didn't even have an entrance fee.

I haven't signed the signature campaign sheet yet... (I don't really want to)
and my problem is

~if I don't sign the paper, the whole class will be on me.
~if I do sign the paper, eventually, the dean will get her hands on that paper and then probably make our last year in college a living hell. she may even go as far as not letting some of us to graduate. (she's also our teacher in two subjects)

the bottom line is, I don't want to be placed on the hot seat and ruin my chances of graduating next year. Graduating means more to me than anyone could imagine.

what a dilemma...

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