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Monday, May 30, 2005

\\*which is it?*//

not in the mood right now. i had my hair done... again. and this time it's dry and brittle. hay... kakabadtrip talaga ung bakla na un. Makarma sana siya.

it's 5:oo already but I couldn't care less. I've got a headache boring a hole in my head but I don't want to go home right now. Not just yet...

I've just posted a new topic on the web:

Would you say...

I love you because I need you or I need you because I love you?

obviously one of these statements reflects immaturity but how many of us recognize this immaturity in ourselves?

if you want to know where this topic is leading to...
well, I was thinking about discussing the nature of mature love.
Love is just a word thrown a lil bit too much all over but do we know how to really love?

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