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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

\\*WANTED: BF*//

~Single and never been married before
~19 & above
~College undergrad or graduate...

malapit na matapos ang affiliation. And so does any chance of finding some summer romance. Maybe I really am ugly and people are just saying i'm pretty just to cover up the obvious. Really. If what they're saying is true then how come I still don't have a BF? Bleh!

paradigm shift muna...

Ano ba naman tong buhay na to.
I didn't use to mind our situation very much coz I thought maybe that's just the way things are meant to be. But recently I've been asking myself, Ba't ba ganito buhay namin? Ba't ba nangyayari to?

Dad has another family now. And now, mom has to live in Cavite to make some money, Kuya is living in Pasig with his family, and I have to live in Bicol. Magkakahiwalay kmi. Minsan nga pagtinatanong ako ng friends ko "o san ka naman ngayon pupunta? sa pasig, sa tondo (dati), sa taguig?" Are we still a family kahit na magkakahiwalay kami? Siguro oo. Pero it doesn't feel like it.

Maybe we're damned for living in sin. It's written in the Bible, you know. And there's no one who can save us. I don't even know if we can save ourselves.

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