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Sunday, May 29, 2005

\\*surprise... surprise...*//

^^ nakita ko si ate mic mic sa friendster.
gulat nga ako e. she's in canada now. grabe! I was just thinking about her a few days ago and now... I can't believe I can talk to her again after... 8 years! grabe talaga.

I'm in cavite right now. Be goin' back to bicol in 2 days time. (Wala pa nga pe pang-enroll pala )

it's raining outside. It's been like that the whole week. buti na lang alang bagyo.

went shopping rin today. kakapagod nga e.

ano pa?
I saw the movie Deep Impact last night. It was a mind opener; gave me an insight about love, life and death. aside from that, sobrang nakakaiyak. kakainis nga e. kse naman nung dumating na sa part na tinatawagan na ung mga pre-selected lang... ayun... tumulo na ung luha ko.

It really made me realize a lot of things. naalala ko rin ung isang quote:

what could be more important than life and love?
-Genghis Khan

material things don't matter. you can have everything and still have nothing.

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