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Thursday, May 05, 2005

\\*Nightmares at daytime*//

We came home early today. So I thought I might as well get some shut eye. Unfortunately, I started dreaming of dead people. I even dreamed that "mommy" died. She was in a car accident. according to the news, a lot of people died with her. In my dream I started crying. Then we were in taxi or a van and we were passing by a lot of dead people. We even almost got into 3 accidents. hay...

Don't know what the dream means but I sure woke up feeling shaky. Then I learned that Lyn had been knocking at our door for an hour! She had to ask ate rose for the keys to our room. Sabi nya rin, sa kakakatok niya, naglabasan na daw ung asa kabilang room. Hay grabe.

Last day ng duty na namin tomorrow. Finally! We still have our tour pero ok lang. At least it's not as tiring as the past 4 weeks. We still don't have an idea where the hell where we'll be goin. We paid 500 bucks for that tour. I mean, how much does a toyr have to cost? It's not like we're going to baguio or anything. I even heard we'll only be going to the Heart Center of the Philippines and Lung Center. Un lng.
Those hospitals don't even have an entrance fee. Kurakot talaga yang dean na yan.

Anyway, I've been thinking about the things i've learned this summer. Well, honestly... wla masyado. It's not like V. Luna is open to civilians. Puro mga sundalo lang nman ung pasyente dun. Wala masyadong case. And we were really looking forward in handling patients with rare cases. Kse kung ordinary cases lang naman di sana dun na lang kami sa BMC nag-affiliate. Well at least natuto akong magECG. I have also gained a bit self-esteem.

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