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Monday, May 16, 2005

\\*how embarassing...*//

yesterday, while I was talking to my mom, I suddenly started crying. Yes, crying! It was so embarassing cause there were other people in the room. They were probably surprised w/ my outburst. Para nga akong tanga dun e. ( hindi rin naman ako na carried away noh?) kse naman, I was convincing my mom not to stay in the attic room kse the stair is very steep. As in steep. halos hindi na nga ma-accomodate ung buong foot mo kse almost 6 inches lang ung width ng steps.

I was so worried for her kse hindi rin naman biru biru ung babagsakan niya. I could see her falling and you know... It's just so very scary.

Anyway, I made a complete ass out of myself... kakahiya... wahh....

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