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Friday, April 15, 2005

\\*weekend at last*//


just 3 more weeks to go.

We'll be rotating to the psyche ward next week. This week, we were assigned in the ER. It was kind of boring but at the same time exciting. There was a patient who was ambushed and was referred there by the regional medical center of Isabela(?). However, we don't really get to handle any patients. The interns do most of the work. Like taking the V/S. I wanted so much to bring a pillow but It couldn't fit in my bag. ^^

I'm here in mom's place again. I feel like a kid again. When we were still in Saudi A., she'd take us with her at the clinic. Everyone would smile and say "these are you're children?" and make us feel like we were special or something. I always feel like I have a place every where we go because of her. I never feel like I shouldn't be there or something like that. I guess it's mostly because she is well liked wherever she goes.

as for dorm life...
ate icon lost her Toblerone. She turned the room upside down inside out looking for it. She even tried to make us confess to the pet thievery. It's been kind of a joke now. Whenever we see her "ate icon, where's your toblerone?" and she'd say "aha! maybe you took it." anyway, everyone's wondering where it went coz nobody has really seen or eaten it.

I have a bag full of laundry. I think i'll just go home in pasig and use the washing machine.

(damn! it's cold in here)

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