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Thursday, April 28, 2005

\\*a typically boring day*//

wala naman masyadong nangyari except for the daily interactions with everyone you get to associate with everyday. Napikon ata sa min si inay. kse naman... it's a long story. I also broke my vow- never to get involved in other people's business. Ayan tuloy. baka galit si inay namin sa akin.

ay naku... never mind na nga.

1 week na lang! yey!!! May tour pa kami sa May 9-13 ata. Don't know where pero sana maganda ung puntahan namin.

Nilibre ako ni elvie. ^^ sinamahan ko kse siya sa Espanya. Ang dami talagang cute dito sa Manila. Mga tisoy kse. hehehe

ok... more thoughts on music therapy.

if I remember correctly, a book I read on technical writing suggested that it would be better if you gather all your resources first before doing ANY kind on of reading on them.

damn! kung hindi sobrang laming dito sa internetan na to, sobrang ingay naman.

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