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Friday, April 08, 2005


my mom woke me up at 7 am to tell me that there was a primigravida who was already fully dilated. And I should go down stairs to assist her. I changed into a new shirt and brushed my teeth. However, when I was going down the stairs, I slipped and fell and landed on my butt on the landing. I think it was about 7 steps. Right now, my behind feels like I was paddled.

the delivery went well. it was a baby boy.

tita tess has a big house. I've already met her children. They're not actually children. TJ is a graduating student from FEU, Jason is 2nd year college in MAPUA (if I remember correctly) and Queenie is a freshman. Haven't seen much of them the whole day.

almost forgot. while I was taking off my gloves after the delivery, there was a dark thing on my right fourth finger. I didn't know what it was so I asked my mom about it over breakfast. And do you know what it is? It's a WART! A wart on MY finger! it's gross and I have it on my finger. dang! wonder if it's benign or malignant...

as for other matters, my mom wants to leave the lying-in clinic. (tita tess owns the place) I feel bad for tita tess coz I learned that tita marife and ate lyn-lyn also wants to go. Their two driver left earlier and now my mom will also be leaving her. if I were in here shoes, well... it would feel like everyone's abandoning you. Pero practikalan lang. They are under compensated and aside from that, mom tells me that tita tess may be having a relationship with a married guy. ok lang naman daw sana kahit mababa ung sweldo pero ung part na un, hindi daw sya payag sa ganon. She'd rather leave with a high regard for her tita tess than stay and think lowly of her. Sabi ko naman sa kanya, nasa kanya na yon. The decision is hers to make.

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