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Friday, April 08, 2005


I was burning with fever when I arrived from the hospital yesterday. I changed my clothes immediately and just climbed into bed and covered myself with my blanket. I texted my mom I was sick and that everytime I breathed, my lungs hurt. My room mates were very worried when they found out later on. Ate vangie went to our room to ask if I was really sick coz just a few ours ago, I looked fine and was laughing so hard with her. Then she bought me some noodles and my friends also made choco milk for me. They're so sweet.

Anyway, at about 7 pm. mom arrived and I was really burning with fever by then. she checked my temp. and it was 39 degrees celcius. My head was aching and my back ached everytime I breathed. She asked my C.I. if she could bring me home with her and our C.I. said yes. I will just have a make-up duty either there in V. Luna or in BMC.

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