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Monday, April 18, 2005

\\*Last Week*//

This post will be about my weekend, which is composed of the ff. topics:

~the party
~...and found
~"life's like that"
~Monday- is a holiday

The Party

Tita tess went to Cam. Norte during the weekend. K. TJ and Jason got left behind and so Jason took the oppurtunity to arrange a party at their house for his friend. (It was his friend's b-day)

Pero hindi pa naman nakakaalis si tita tess, nagsipagdatingan na ung mga bisita ni Jason. Tita tess was eating dinner that time. Nung una daw, dirediretso lang ung mga friends ni Jason. Kaya tinawag ni tita tess si jason tapos sabi "Jason, sabihan mo nga yang mga barkada mo na matuto naman silang gumalang. Andito ako pero ni "good evening" wala man lang bumati sa akin. Asikasuhin mo nga sila."

narinig un nung iba pang hindi nakakataas. Atrasan daw dun sa garahe. Ginawa daw ni Jason, pinapasok niya isa isa. Tapos "ma, si ____ po." Tapos ung friend naman : "good evening po" then aakyat na. Isa isa silang pinakilala at isa isa rin silang nag 'good evening'. Nung matapos na, sabi ni tita tess " e di natuto sila." ^^ I think it's hilarious.

Anyway, may swimming pool sila sa taas ng bahay nila. They held the party there. Natapos un siguro mga 4 am na. hay...

magkaibang magkaiba talaga buhay namin. compared sa kanila, wala akong "barkada" na matatawag. Halos 4th year college na ko pero hindi ko pa naranasang makasama sa isang 'barkada'. I'm not insinuating na wala akong friends. Ang tinutukoy ko naman ay ung mga friends 'outside' school.


I stayed at their place for one night only. May sakit kse si reijin. kaya nung 3pm ng sabado, umalis na ko. Tinanong ko si tita marife kung ano sasakyan ko. sabi kahit anong jeep daw basta may nakasulat na Recto. Di sige. Larga naman ako. I was very confident na hindi ako maliligaw. And so, I just listened to this woman who was telling stories about her daughter. Sabi niya, maganda raw si Marissa tapos daw marami daw nanliligaw sa kanya and so on and so forth.

Namalayan ko na lang habang tumatagal, lumiko kami. And as we went farther, some of the store signs read Sta. Cruz pawnshop or something. I thought hindi pa naman siguro ako nakakalampas. Tapos nung tumatagal na nakita ko ung bilboard ng Isetann. The mall looked very small at the distance kaya akala ko, hindi un ung mall na isetan sa recto. I thought baka may ibang Isetann pa aside nung nandon sa recto. And then, we were already crossing a bridge lined with flags. Tapos habang tumatagal, may park na kaming nadadaanan. I immediately asked the woman on my left na kagigising pa lang kung dadaan ba ung jeep na un sa Recto and she said. "Ang layo mo na!" Everyone was looking at me, including the woman who was kept talking and talking about her daughter. "dapat kanina ka pa nagtanong." I said "bababa na ako."
Then everyone got down too. "Asan na po ba ako?" "sa City hall ng Manila." "OH MY GOD!" "Dapat kse kanina ka pa nagtanong. Sakay ka na lang ng pabalik diyan sa mga dumadaan na jeep. Saan ka ba pupunta?" I thought babalik na lang ako sa blumentrit. So I said 'Blumentrit'. The woman instructed me to ride on a jeep going to blumentrit. Pero may nakita akong jeep na dadaan sa UST. If I got to the front gate of UST, alam ko na kung paano ako makakabalik sa recto.

...and found

Along the way, I met this woman who was looking around. I asked her kung ung road na un, papuntang Quezon. She said yes. I was so relieved. It meant I was on the right road. I was so thankful that she asked "san ka ba pupunta?" "Sa recto po." "ay, ang layo mo na. Nakalampas ka na." "ho?" "halika, sasamahan kita. kaso, may hinahanap rin ako na lugar. Nadaanan mo ba ung Laong Laan?"

Later on, I found out that her niece was an affiliating student from Bicol University and that she was trying to find their dorm. We went to her nieces dormitory (when we finally found it) and then we rode a jeep going to quiapo. She insisted in paying for my fair and then nung malapit na kami sa Isetann, sinabihan niya ako na bumaba na.

I was very very happy and very relieved. I thanked her before going down and bade them farewell.

"Life's like that"

when i got home in Pasig, I arrived to find Diane crying. They had been fighting again.

nobody was home except for them. It looked like they were abandoned by everybody kse napundi na sa kanila. Auntie Rita wasn't there. Uncle Walter wasn't there...

I checked on Reijin. He was sleeping. He looked very thin and had difficulty tryign to breathe. He didn't have a fever aside from that.

Anyway, I went to our neighbor's house para makitawag. Naalala ko kse si mommy. She said makitawag daw ako pagnakauwi na ako. It was already 9 pm. Baka nag-aalala na siya. When I got her on the phone, she immediately asked if they(diane and kuya) had been fighting again. I said yes. Umiiyak kako si diane. Kanina pa daw ung hapon. Tumawag daw sa kanya ung kapatid ni diane. Galit daw. Gusto daw isama si diane pauwi. Anyway, mom said she was going home even though it was already 9pm.

After the phone call, I tried paying tita tess pero hindi siya pumayag. I felt bad about it coz I felt like I was imposing on them or something. Imagine, It was already late in teh evening na.

They were concerned about Reijin's health. Sabi nila, masaydo pa daw bata ung dalawa kaya napapabayaan si reijin. Ano ba ang alam nila sa pagpapalaki na bata?

Suddenly, It felt like it was all too much.

Getting lost. the tension and the fear of being lost. and then finding help. the long way home from recto to pasig. and then pleading with the cashier to let me pay for the diaper and the milk even though it was already closing time at the mall. coming home to an empty house with only diane and kuya who had been fighting. Reijin being sick. Mommy being angry and insisting on coming home even though it was already late in the evening. thoughts like why couldn't kuya see all the hardships mom and dad are going through? why is my life like this?

All of this took it's toll on me. Tears started rolling down my cheecks before I could even get out of tita tess's house.

I felt bad about all aspects of our life. I thought "Is there any way out of all this?"

Aside from that, I started worrying about mom. I was afraid that she was hypertensive again. She wasn't feeling well that week. something could happen to her on the way from tondo to pasig. What if?....

I kept crying and crying until I got a hold of myself. A few minutes later, I heard the motorcycle. I rushed to the gate and saw my mom coming down. I was so relieved.

I guess, I had blown things out of proportion again... everything would be alright.

Monday- is a holiday

This morning we woke up @ 3:30 am and proceeded to take a shower and get dressed immediately for our clinical duty.

After having our breakfast and brushing our teeth, we went to our school bus which was parked a few blocks away near the San Sebastian Church.

After a long while, one of classmate arrived announcing that there was no duty except for those under Mrs. Nuyda because our other CI's hadn't arrived yet and we would already be late even if they arrived. Fortunately, I was under Ma'am Rull, and so I had the whole day free.

We will be having a briefing at 6 pm and so... tata.

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