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Monday, April 11, 2005

\\*half day!*//

I was able to get a nap this afternoon while the others prepared their notes for the 2nd year who will be taking the board exam tomorrow. We will be posting it at their doors at midnight or when they are already asleep.

I have tons of paperworks to do. We're in the ER now.

there's a new "intriga" in the dorm.
our dean's husband tried to make a pass on one of our CI's. According to our CI, he would text her asking if she had eaten her lunch already and things like that. Of course, parang double meaning na rin un. Kse he's showing special attention to her. Iba ung dating e. Our CI was teary eyed when she was relating the story. To think na ninang pa man din niya sa kasal si dean. Ti-next daw niya un na ginalang pa man din daw niya siya, tapos ganon ung gagawin niya.

Padating daw si dean this week. Mukha daw nagkumpisal na si Mr. ______. Worried na worried na daw un e. Sabi nga ni ma'am baka daw baliktarin pa siya. Hay... grabe!

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