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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


first of all, our RLE in V. Luna started last monday. The place is nice. (I think) the rooms in the OPD are air- conditioned but they lack in supplies unlike in BMC where there is an infinite supply of hospital materials like cotton balls, k y jelly, etc we will only be rotating in 5 areas namely: OPD, ER, Psyche, Ortho, Genito-Urinary.

So far, everything is going well in the dorm. but I'm not so sure if everything's ok with the others. especially the ones who are sharing a room with L_______. I heard they are having problems. But right now, I don't want to do anything with it. one thing i learned last summer is- if you're not involved, stay out of it! and also MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

as for today, I did my laundry. I locked myself in a cubicle and washed most of my clothes haphazardly. There's a fine if you get caught washing your clothes.

haven't talked to shid for awhile. it's not like he's been answering my messages in his blog.
I've also stopped talking to alphonse. it's been a month now, I guess.

dang! it's cold in this net cafe.

got to be going. dad's going to visit. wonder what's taking him so long...

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